Marriage Formalities in Switzerland

This information is given on a non-official basis and is subject to change by the Swiss authorities. It is important to note that before a civil marriage can be performed, you must meet a number of legal requirements and submit an application to your local civil register office.

Please be advised that Canadian diplomatic and consular officers are not permitted under the law of Canada to solemnize marriages nor can they allow the solemnization of marriages in the diplomatic/consular premises.

Civil Marriage - Same-Sex Partnership

For Civil Marriage or Same-Sex Partnership a number of original documents must be produced. To obtain a complete list, you should contact the Civil Registry (Zivilstandesamt in German, Office de lEtat civil in French, Ufficio dello stato civile in Italian) of the canton in which you want to get married or – if you are in Canada - the Swiss diplomatic representation responsible for your area.

For Canadian citizens who do not hold a valid Swiss residence permit, you will be asked for a certificate of non-impediment to marriage. As Canadian law neither requires nor provides for the issuance of such a certificate, Swiss authorities frequently accept, as a substitute document, an affidavit or solemn declaration sworn before an official of the Embassy of Canada which confirms your civil status as “not married” and your place of residence. If you require such a document, you must make an appointment and appear in person at the Embassy of Canada during consular office hours with your valid Canadian passport.

Applicable fees can be paid with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

For Canadian citizens holding a valid Swiss residence permit this document must be obtained from the local Civil Registry Office.

Religious Marriage        

You may also get married in a church, but only after the civil ceremony. For information, contact the church office of your place of residence.

Acknowledgement of Paternity - Naturalization

The same attestation as for civil marriage is required for acknowledgment of paternity and – if you are single - for naturalization. However, in both cases Canadian citizens holders or not of a valid Swiss residence permit must appear at the Embassy of Canada with a valid Canadian passport.