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All Canadians considering entering into a surrogacy arrangement in Thailand should be aware that the legal situation regarding these arrangements in Thailand is currently unclear.

While there is no legislation in Thailand which specifically regulates surrogacy, the Thai authorities are actively considering draft legislation that may prohibit commercial surrogacy and are taking immediate steps to ensure that children of such arrangements are not permitted to exit the country in anticipation of the legislation.

We strongly recommend that Canadians visiting Thailand for the purposes of commercial surrogacy arrangements seek independent legal advice before entering into any agreement. In particular, legal advice should be sought on the implications of any new exit requirements. A list of local lawyers who speak English and/or French is available.

For those Canadians who have already entered into such an arrangement, we also advise you to seek advice from a local lawyer about how you may be affected by this legislation and in particular any exit requirements. 

A list of local lawyers that speak English and/or French is available. You may also wish to contact our consular section to inform us of your particular situation. This will enable us to contact you in the event of any developments or should consular assistance be required. 


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