Graffiti sets the backdrop for tomorrow’s Tunisia

Ambassador Beaulieu with the graffiti team in front of the freshly painted mural.

Graffiti artists add finishing touches.

Ambassador Beaulieu holds sign “We are Bardo” at Bardo Solidarity Rally.

An illustration of a woman that characterizes Tomorrow’s Tunisia.

Hands of hope painted on the Embassy of Canada’s perimeter wall.

Since the Arab Spring, street art in Tunisia has grown as a popular means for conveying messages throughout the country.  In response to the March 2015 terrorist attacks in Tunis, the Embassy of Canada enlisted the help of six Tunisian graffiti artists to showcase their visions of tomorrow’s Tunisia.

Their canvas: 75 square meters of the Embassy of Canada to Tunisia’s perimeter wall. After only a few hours and plenty of spray-paint cans, these six artists were able to transform the white Embassy wall into a vibrant and profound message of hope and solidarity for Tunisia.

Passersby stopped to watch this live art session in progress as they witnessed the freshly painted murals bring colour back to the streets.

We are Bardo

The street mural was one of many activities that Canada engaged in during its Ten Days of Solidarity with Tunisia. Canada partnered with other Embassies and international dignitaries to show support for Tunisians who continue to fight for human rights, tolerance, freedom and peace. In the wake of the Tunis terrorist attacks, Canada rallied together with 40,000 Tunisians in the Bardo Solidarity Rally; partnered with the United Kingdom to host a charity concert; and planted an olive tree to commemorate those whose lives were lost in the tragedy.

A mural of solidarity

The Embassy of Canada’s street mural project provided the Tunisian graffiti artists with an entire wall to express their unique messages of solidarity in a big way.

Graffiti artist Ramis Barka illustrated his vision for tomorrow by painting a woman with bright, white eyes. Barka explains, “She is blind because eyes are the window of the soul. Anyone can be this woman – anyone in the street in front of the Embassy, where a lot of people are passing by. I want them to identify themselves in this Tunisian woman.”

The graffiti mural, open and accessible for all on the streets of Tunis, has captured the essence of Canada’s solidarity with Tunisia. Tunisia has built a strong foundation for democracy following the Arab Spring, and Canada is deeply supportive of Tunisia’s progress towards building an open and democratic country.  The Embassy is proud to showcase this artwork on its walls as a symbol of Canada’s relationship with Tunisia, support for freedom of expression, and a shared hope for a better tomorrow.