Human Rights Reporting
Training for Journalists in Maghreb

June 1-12, 2015

Freedom of information and an active, diverse and independent media are key for a democratic society.

Building on past successful journalist training programs, Canada’s Embassies in Maghreb, in collaboration with Canadian NGO Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) and UNESCO, will train local journalists about effective human rights reporting.

Rights Media is the process of writing, collecting, editing, producing and distributing media that creates societal dialogue on human rights issues.

From June 1-12, JHR trainers will be in the region hosting two-day workshops to help journalists better understand how to plan a story and design a reporting plan. 

With stops in Mauritania, Tunisia (session for both Tunisian and Libyan journalists), and Morocco, journalists will be guided through discussions around human rights issues and international mechanisms of protection for human rights to help their reporting.  The training for Libyan journalists will also focus on the constitutional process and security building measures in support of a comprehensive settlement to the Libyan conflict.

Journalists for Human Rights (JHR)

JHR is Canada’s leading media development organization. They help journalists build their capacity to report ethically and effectively on human rights and governance issues in their communities.

Since 2002, JHR has:

  • Worked in 21 countries.
  • Partnered with more than 250 African media organizations.
  • Trained more than 12,500 journalists and journalism students...
  • Whose human rights media stories have reached more than 50 million people.

The Government of Canada has been proud to work with JHR to deliver training in Ghana, Kuwait and Jordan.

The JHR mission is to empower journalists to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively and the Canadian Embassies are proud to continue this important partnership.