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Legal & Notarial Services

  • Canadian consular officials abroad have authority under the Canada Evidence Act to perform a variety of legal and notary services. A fee is charged for the services provided. For more information, consult the Consular Fees section.

Legal Services

The Embassy cannot provide legal advice, intervene in private legal matters, post bail, pay fines or legal fees. If you have been arrested or detained, please see Arrest/Detention.

Notarial Services

Notarial Services such as consular declarations, oaths, affirmations, affidavits, statutory declarations and authentications of signatures on documents are provided by the consular section for a fee of CAD $50 per notarization. Please call the consular section of the Embassy to make an appointment and confirm fees. Hours of operation are from 09:00 to 12:00, Monday to Thursday.
Reasons for having a document notarized include:

  • Marriage in Ukraine
  • Birth Certificates for newborn Canadian children
  • Drivers’ Licence or Vehicle Registration (statement of residence in Ukraine)
  • Work Permit (General declaration)
  • Passport (Statement of Identification)
  • Permanent Residence Permit

In order to have the legal force on the territory of Ukraine, all the documents issued in Canada such as Marriage/Divorce/Birth/Death Certificates, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations  must be proceeded through the following legalization procedure:

  • The signatures of the Canadian Notary, Court Clerks, Vital Statistics Office representatives must be authenticated by the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province in which the Notary/Court Clerk/ Vital Statistics Office representative is commissioned (requests for such authentications are usually channelled through the Deputy Provincial Secretary of that province or, for Quebec, by the Secretary of the Board of Notaries in Montreal);


by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada in Ottawa, Authentication and Service of Documents Section, Tel. 613-995-0119.

  • Then, the second step is to legalize the documents at the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa/Ukrainian Consulate in Toronto or the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • If you choose to proceed with the legalization of your documents at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, please be informed that you will have then to go to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Department, Tel. 044-238-1669, to make the final legalization of your Canadian documents.


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