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Canadian Clubs and Organisations in the UK

British Association for Canadian Studies

The British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS) was established in 1975 as a forum and meeting point for academics with interests in Canada. It is one of the largest of more than 20 associations of Canadian Studies around the world, and a founding member of the International Council for Canadian Studies. BACS holds an annual conference which combines a wide range of topics and distinguished speakers with an informal and friendly atmosphere, and has a number of specialist subject groups which hold conferences on more focussed topics. It also publishes the British Journal of Canadian Studies.

The Canada Club

Founded at a meeting held at Freemason’s Tavern, Holborn, on October 20, 1810, the Canada Club is one of the oldest dining clubs in London and the oldest institution connected with Canada. The Canada Club owes its origin to the fur traders of the North West Company and derived some of its members from the Beaver Club, which still exists in Montreal. The Club hosts two dinners per year and has entertained distinguished individuals in public life from Canada, the UK and the Commonwealth.

Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund (CCSF)

Founded in 1967 by the Canadian Women’s Club to mark Canada’s centennial, the CCSF has awarded more than 300 scholarships to outstanding students from across Canada who are enrolled in postgraduate programmes at UK universities, colleges, institutes or conservatories.

Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic excellence, as well as on their ability to represent Canada within the UK academic and artistic community. They represent a breadth of academic interests and pursuits. The scholarships, including The Mary LeMessurier Award for the Study of History and The Belle Shenkman Award for the Study of the Arts, are among the most prestigious annual scholarships for Canadians studying in the UK.

The Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce

The Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce aims to improve and strengthen commercial and trade relations in both directions between the two countries. It operates by providing a networking forum for Canadian and British companies and individuals with trading and commercial interests in each other’s countries, and by disseminating information on aspects of trade and commerce involving the two countries. For Canadian companies established in the UK, the Chamber provides continuing contact with the Canadian community and help in understanding the local market; for British companies with interests in Canada, the Chamber is a means of keeping abreast of developments there. Membership of the Chamber ranges from large companies – such as the big six Canadian banks, Canary Wharf Group and Standard Life — to small startups.

The Canada-UK Colloquia

The Canada-UK Colloquia are annual meetings that aim to increase knowledge and educate the public about the advantages of a close and dynamic relationship between the two countries. The Colloquia take place alternately in each country, bringing together by invitation British and Canadian parliamentarians, public officials, academics, representatives from the private sector, graduate students and others. The organisers seek a carefully defined focus on issues of immediate concern to both countries. One of the Colloquia’s main endeavours is to stimulate and publish research on each subject under discussion. Its list of publications shows the wide range of topics covered by the series.

The Canada-UK Foundation

The mission of the Canada-UK Foundation is to broaden perspectives and encourage new thinking and collaboration on issues and topics that build stronger links between Canada and the United Kingdom. The Foundation exists to support and foster a greater understanding of Canada and the contributions made by Canadians to the international community.

In order to achieve our mission, the Canada-UK Foundation works to create partnerships linking the academic and non-academic worlds to foster the understanding of Canada and its contributions across a wide range of subjects. In addition, we encourage the showcasing of Canadian talent across broad fields of topics that educate the wider British public.

Canadian Women’s Club

The Canadian Women’s Club is a diverse group of women brought together by their common ties to Canada. The Club’s two principal objectives are to provide opportunities for Canadian women to meet through various activities and social events, and to enable its members to undertake projects of interest, including work for the benefit of Canadians in the UK who may be in need.

Canadian Women’s Club in Scotland:
Canadian Women’s Club in London:

University Canadian Clubs

There are a number of universities with active Canadian clubs across the UK, including:


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