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To submit an application for proof of Canadian citizenship from the UK, please review our UK-specific instructions below. Please read the following information carefully before navigating away from this page.

UK-Specific instructions for submitting a proof of Canadian citizenship application

Please visit the following link to verify that you have a claim to Canadian Citizenship: Am I Canadian?

If you find that there is a claim, please follow the steps below to complete your application for proof of citizenship.

Step 1

Download forms, complete and print the application form:

CIT 0001 Proof of Canadian Citizenship *(Version PDF, 1.74MB)
Please consult the instruction guide for details on how to fill out the form.

Step 2

Gather Supporting Documents:

  • Refer to the Document Checklist *(Version PDF, 366KB) for all necessary supporting documents
  • You are only required to provide copies of 2 pieces of signature ID for applicants over the age of 18
  • Please refer to the citizenship photo specifications to ensure that your photos meet the requirements

Step 3

Pay the fee

The fee is $75 per application and can be paid here by selecting “United Kingdom”, “Citizenship”, and “Citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship)”. Please include a copy of your receipt with your application.

Step 4

Send applications via post to:

High Commission of Canada in London
Citizenship – Consular Section
Canada House
Trafalgar Square

Helpful Notes

  • Please provide an email address on your form to assist us with communication
  • If a question on the application does not apply to you or you do not have the answer please write N/A
  • If you are moving to Canada in the near future, please visit the CIC website for information on URGENT processing
  • For those born in Quebec, only birth certificates issued after 1 January 1994 by le Directeur de l'état civil du Québec will be accepted as birth certificates for Quebec. If you birth certificate was issued prior to January 1994, please ensure you have obtained an updated document

Processing Times

The citizenship program is experiencing long delays due to COVID-19. We are now seeing routine applications take in excess of 18 months. The initial application overview is done at the High Commission of Canada, generally within 4 weeks of receiving your application. Any original supporting documentation is returned to the applicant within this time, along with confirmation that the application has been forwarded to the Registrar of Canadian Citizenship in Sydney, Nova Scotia for processing. Please note that once the application has been sent to Canada, the High Commission has no way of tracking its progress and we are unable to request an update on the file until the current standard processing time has passed. Please advise us of any address changes.

Other citizenship related topics

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