Canada Pork International visit and seminar

César Urias CPI; Patricia Wilson, Trade Comissioner; Marcelo Vaccaro Export.

Canada Pork International Seminar.

Ambassador Claire Poulin on her speech.

On September 24 2015, Montevideo welcomed a delegation of Canada Pork International (CPI), the agency for the promotion of Canadian pork industry’s exports.

The visit included a seminar in which the delegation met with importers, businessmen and local authorities. The activity enabled the participants to exchange ideas and information regarding the pork industry in Canada and Uruguay, in order to facilitate and promote commerce, which has been increasing in the most recent years, between both countries.

Furthermore, the seminar outlined Canada’s expertise in this industry, including, among other areas, breeding systems, quality standards and methodologies for classification,  and allowed Canada to share its experience with the Uruguayan public.  Canadian expertise is also reflected in a comprehensive and modern regulatory framework.

As the Ambassador of Canada to Uruguay, Claire A. Poulin, commented during her speech, Canada’s commitment to quality originates from the first link in the production chain, at the farm, as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ensures that producers follow HACCP standards (regarding risk management analysis and critical control points).

We hope that the day event was fruitful for all the participants and that it will allow us to continue enjoying the famous Canadian “chivito” and “lomito”, both symbols of how food unites us.