Message from the Ambassador

On behalf of our dedicated team, I am happy to welcome you to our Embassy website.

Through our presence in Uruguay, we aim to strengthen the strong bilateral ties that have existed between Canada and Uruguay for the last 70 years as well as explore ways to promote our shared interests in the areas of climate change, economic sustainable growth, respect for diversity and human right or the use of clean technologies to name a few. 

Like an open book, our website allows you to discover all the information you need.

While Canadians can discover the services we offer, whether they plan to visit, live or do business in Uruguay, Uruguayans will be able to find relevant information on travelling (visas), immigrating, studying or conducting business in Canada. 

We are proud!  Our country is the second largest country in the world by area and the third largest economy in the Americas. Its multicultural society and two official languages give it a unique character. Canada is a world leader in the fields of clean energy and technologies, transport, construction and mining and environmental technologies. It is also recognized for its excellence in education as our institutions and our degrees are recognized worldwide.

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Joanne Frappier

Ambassador - Joanne Frappier