Human Rights Award Guidelines

Article 1: The Purpose of the Award

This award was instituted to recognize the work in defense of human rights of Venezuelan human rights defenders or Venezuelan organizations which act as human rights advocates in the nation.

Article 2: Who Can Apply?

Any person or organization may submit the name of persons, NGOs or private institutions in Venezuela that stand out, through constant efforts, in promoting respect for human rights; disseminating the values feeding the ideal of human rights and/or defending the human rights of persons or groups who are deprived of them.

To define who can apply, this award is based on the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders established by the United Nations in 1998, and the concept handled in this declaration: Human rights defenders are any individuals, groups and civil society organizations that promote and protect human rights and universally recognized fundamental freedoms (source:

Article 3: The Jury

The award is granted by the Government of Canada in association with the Coalition of Chairs and University Centers for Human Rights of Venezuela. A six-person jury will be appointed annually and will be comprised of three coalition-appointed members, two Canadian government-appointed members, and a former recipient of the award. The winner will be decided based on a unanimous decision, according to the criteria that follow.

The jury's verdict shall be binding and cannot be appealed.

Article 4: Criteria

To determine the final verdict, the jury shall only take into account the information contained in the nomination form, so it is extremely important that the persons, entities or institutions postulating a male or female candidate include all the data required by the form and abstain from sending excessive information as addendums or attachments.

The selection of the person or group that shall receive the Human Rights award shall be based on the exceptional endeavor of the defense and/or promotion of human rights in Venezuela.

The jury will consider:

  • The trajectory of the person, institution or non-governmental organization;
  • The effort, leadership and impact demonstrated by the person or group in a particular project, as well as their trajectory in the field;
  • The performance of any specific activity which has had a considerable impact on Venezuelan society as a whole, or in the promotion or defense of human rights.

Article 5: Nominations

To submit nominations please complete the form, which can be requested by writing to: Once completed, the form must be sent to that same email address.

The Canadian Embassy and the Coalition of Chairs and University Centers for Human Rights of Venezuela shall receive the applications and only those which comply with the selection criteria shall be presented to the jury for evaluation.

Candidates may not nominate themselves.

Article 6: Reception of Nominations

Nominations will be received up until and including Friday, December 17th, 2021.

Article 7: Announcement of Results

The person or organization receiving the award shall be announced, as per the jury´s verdict, in February 2022, followed by an awards ceremony.